[OOTD] Purify 3.26.2015.


Sometimes life feels like a comic apocalypse, make the most of it!

New from Nana at Suicide Dollz and ϮƇяєєρϮ at Rock Fashion Fair! <3

Hair – *Soonsiki~ Tumbleweeds *Blondes* [*Soonsiki*] at N21.

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Cupid~ Black Eye [{S0NG}]

Eyeliner – DAZED. – Irked Eyeshadow Blood [DAZED.]

Blush – Chus! Hasi’s Blushies [Chus!]

Septum – POMPOSITY – Septum Piercing 2F [Pomposity] at LOTI.

Top – FnH Camisole Mini – Black [FnH]

Harness – Nana – Savannah Black Harness [Nana] New, at Suicide Dollz! Ty <3

Jeans – Creep – Greed – Cross [ϮƇяєєρϮ] Coming soon to Rock Fashion Fair! Ty <3

Shoes – Lucien.Marcelo // ASYLUM PLATFORM BOOTS [Lucien.Marcelo]

Are you a temple? Are you a temptress?
There’s too much choice, the possibilities are endless.
So wash away my sins, give me catharsis!
Re-magnetize my moral compass.

[OOTD] Video Games 3.24.2015.


The sun is shining all around even through the rain.

Lovely new goodies from Forever Famous, SKBW, and .Things.!!

Hair - little bones. Vapor – Blondes [little bones.] at n21.

Eyes – {Dead Apples} Marble Eyes – Electric [{Dead Apples}] at TMD.

Skin – SKBW Eva Skin – Vanille [Skindustrial Bodyworks] New at Skin Fair! Ty Zinti love!! <3

Necklace – :FF: Earned It Tag (Gold) (Good Girl) [:Forever Famous:] New at 50 Shades! Ty!

Cuffs – :FF: “Grey” Cuffs (Black Gold) [:Forever Famous:] New at 50 Shades! Ty!

Tattoo 1 – .Things.- Apacheta Tattoo [.Things.] New at SL Fashion Week! Ty!

Tattoo 2 – .Things.- Maita Tattoo [.Things.] New at the Fantasy Collective! Ty!

Top – Tee*fy Joan Boyfriend’s Tank Top Black [Tee*fy] at n21.

Bra – Tee*fy Joan Bra top [Tee*fy] at n21.

Shoes – .tsg. Corset Trekkers – Black – Slink HIGH [the Sugar Garden]

Heaven is a place on earth with you.
Tell me all the things you wanna do.
I heard that you like the bad girls.
Honey, is that true?

[OOTD] Speaking In Tongues 3.23.2015.


Sometimes we need to take a moment to ourselves.

Make someone happy, make yourself happy!

New cutesy from Maai, Riske, and Nani!!!

Hair – Magika [01] Listen [Magika] New.

Skin - [PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2 [Pink Fuel]

Blush - [ESUGA] Gatcha! Noe compatible Kawaii Anime Blush

Septum - [whatever] Septum

Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Elena Kissy v3.0

Heels - Riske – Slink High – Lola Heels  Playtex [Riske] New at 50 Shades! Thank you!

Cuffs & Collar - nani – cutesy collar & cuff set – black  [nani] New at 50 Shades! Thank you!

Lingerie - MAAI Dox lingerie & tattoo * Black [MAAI] New at the Showroom! Thank you!

If I should touch you, won’t know what has happened!
You’ll speak in tongues and you will feel your heart race!
Oh lord!

[OOTD] Rivière 3.21.2015.


I am in a Deftones mood, that’s the best one to be in.

Lovely new goodies from the 50 Shades of Lust and a few of my favorites.

Hair – “”D!va”” Hair “Nene” (Moon stone) [D!va] at Shiny Shabby.

Skin – [PF] Harley <Crystal>

Eyes – [Buzz] Aura Eyes – Sapphire [Buzzeri] at Kawaii Project.

Eyebrows – NOX. Harlot Brows [Fatpack] [NOX.] at IDK.

Eyeliner – [Buzz] Essentials – Royale Liner

Lashes – [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natural [LeLutka]

Tears – ++NODe++TEARS [++NODe++]

Mouth – [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam [Cathode Rays]

Lipstick – NOX. Novela Lip [Classic] [NOX.] at IDK.

Collar – [PL] Babydoll Collar – White [Pretty Liar] New at 50 Shades of Lust! Ty!

Nails – . PUNCI . My Point Nails . Gesture [PUNCI]

Body Suit – .Biddy. – Trish BodySuit White [.Biddy.] New at 50 Shade of Lust! Ty!

Shoes – BLACK HAUS – Monet Shoes Slink High WHITE [Black Haus] New at 50 Shades of Lust! Ty!

Body – Slink Physique Mesh Body [Slink]

Her arms red and injured.
She wants to rise.
She can’t ’til we have faced.

[OOTD] Little Bunny Foo Foo 3.18.2015.


You can’t sit with us! I think the tea party has gone awry.

New goodies from 50 Shades of lust on the 20th!

Hair – (Chemistry) Hair – Min – HUD.1 [(Chemistry)]

Skin – [PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2 [Pink Fuel]

Mouth – [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam [[ Cathode Rays ]]

Eyes – [Buzz] Aura Eyes – Sapphire [Buzzeri] at Kawaii Project.

Body – Slink Physique Mesh Body [Slink]

Tattoo – { Speakeasy } Divinity Tattoo [{ Speakeasy }] at Suicide Dollz.

Choker – .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Bat Choker – Pastel -mody- [.{PSYCHO:Byts}.] at Suicide Dollz.

Top – [G/C] Mean Girls Sheers – Can’t Sit With Us [Gang/Cold] New!!

Bottoms – IF – Plain Jane Boyshorts (Light Pack) [IF] New at 50 Shades! Thank you!

Shoes – *BOOM* Animal Slippers (bunny) Tiffany

Crop – .random.Matter. – Kitten Ham Popper – White/White RARE [.random.Matter.] New at 50 Shades! Ty!

Headset – Foxes – Bunneh Head Set – Pink [Foxes] at Chapter Four.

Backpack – Foxes – Bunneh Book Bag –  Small – RARE [Foxes] at Chapter Four.

Little bunny Foo Foo.
Hopping through the forest.
Scooping up the field mice.
And bopping ‘em on the head.

[OOTD] Painting Flowers 3.17.2015.


I’m in one of those moods the one of happy of equaling out! So much happy.

I’m so in love with this new outfit from Violent Seduction at the IDK event!

Hair – .ploom. Sharla – Blondes [.ploom.] at Kawaii Project.

Skin – Essences [Bijoux TDRF01] pale02 *blonde* [Essences] at the Dressing Room.

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Alice // Dark Blue Eye [{S0NG}] at Kustom9.

Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Elena Kissy v3.0 [.Loud Mouth.]

Lipstick – NOX. Novela Lip [Bubblegum] [NOX.] at IDK.

Necklace – MG – Necklace – Arabella Wild Pearls [Maxi Gossamer]

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Cherubim Dress (Candy) [Violent Seduction] New at IDK, thank you!

Shoes – Violent Seduction – Unicorn Shoes (Pink) [Violent Seduction] Mainstore!

When I wake up,
The dream isn’t done.
I wanna see your face,
And know I made it home.

[OOTD] Up In Flames 3.16.2015.


Oh you know the feeling, fierce.

Hair base – Unorthodox Tape Up Hilton [Unorthodox]

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Alice // Dark Blue Eye [{S0NG}] at Kustom9.

Top – .::Dead Dollz::. Abandon Scarf – Grey [.::Dead Dollz::.] at Secret Affair.

Pants – .::Dead Dollz::. Abandon Pants – Brown [.::Dead Dollz::.] at Secret Affair.

Boots – RO – Last Stand – BOOTS MOD1 bag – RARE [Remarkable Oblivion] at the Arcade.

Tattoo – Space Mermaid – Big Bad Wolf GG. [Space Mermaid]

Piercing – .random.Matter. – Taint Septum – Silver (Rust) [.random.Matter.]

Holsters – Obscure Assassins Holster Silver-Knife [Obscure] at LOTI.


You don’t have to dance with me, you don’t have to dance at all.
You can just lie there looking good, or you can play by yourself.