[OOTD] Trogdor the Burninator 5.7.2016.

New goodies from AII, Scene, and more.

Mystical and smoky I am.

Hair – [taketomi]_Taylor_Bento [taketomi]

Blindfold – + Gin Oni Blindfold V2 RARE + {aii} [aii] New at FCC. Thank you!

Collar – {Scene} Luna Collar – Black/Silver [{Scene}] New at TS. Thank you!

Harness – [Haste] Harley Harness Black [Haste] at We ❤ RP.

Whiskers – CURELESS [+] Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragonwhiskers PURE [Cureless] at FCC.

Dragon – CURELESS [+] Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragon Familiar / ULTRARARE [Cureless] at FCC.

Tail – CURELESS [+] Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragontail COAL [Cureless] at FCC.

Boots – Phedora. Willow High Boots [Phedora]

Pipe – [CX] DragonTail Pipe Black (Ebony) [CX]


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