[OOTD] Goodbye Horses 4.9.2016.

Sometimes feeling free involves lotion in a basket.

New from Inhale, Signature Pose, and more.

Hair – Tableau Vivant \\ Ivy hair – Blacks+Whites [Tableau Vivant] at C88.

Moths – *katat0nik* Death’s Head – Moth Swarm [*kata0nik*] at Season’s Story.

Tattoos – .Inhale. Burden -Full Tattoo- [.Inhale.] New, at Bodyfy. Thank you!

Gag – {Kawaii hoshi} gag – black pack [Cubic Cherry]

Top – =Zenith=Tie Up Top (Black) -Maitreya/Slink Hourglass [Zenith] at We ❤ Rp.

Bottom – =Zenith=Tie Up Short (Black) -Maitreya/Slink Hourglass [Zenith] at We ❤ Rp.

Shoes – _CandyDoll_ Esme Boots Black [CandyDoll] at C88.

Pose – Signature Pose – Move Set [Signature Pose] New, at 100 Block! Thank you!


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