[OOTD] Your Dead 1.24.2016.


Sometimes a moonlit stroll through the cemetery is just what you need.

New from Livalle and more around the grid.

Hair – Beusy: “Advil” Hair Fitted Mesh [Naturals] [Beusy] at Seasons Story.

Mask – *katat0nik* & Clemmm (Beasty) Gas Mask RARE [Katat0nik-Clemmm] at Epiphany.

Hose –*katat0nik* & Clemmm (black) Gas Mask Hose [Katat0nik-Clemmm] at Epiphany.

Dress – =Zenith=Lolita Formal Dress (Black) Fitted/ Maitreya [Zenith] at Epiphany.

Socks – *MUKA* Garter Thigh Socks [MUKA]

Shoes – {Livalle} Pamela -Platform MaryJanes- Noir [{Livalle}] New at SaNaRae! Ty!

Together we’re goin’ crazy together, we’re out of our minds.

We’re stuck in this hell this personal hell, the day that could never die.


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