Lok’tar Ogar!!

Kaori's Closet

‎”The beginning of wisdom is the statement ‘I do not know.’ The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything.” -Thrall.

This little ensemble came together on a whim when looking through the inventory. The picture, that is personally just damn awesome, came together out of a collaboration with my friend Jelly (check out le blog for even more awesomeness that is Jelly). Channeling the Orcs (Thrall) of the Warcraft realm this was the fruition!!! Yes I play both alliance and horde (just feel comfy cozy horde side). Lok’tar Ogar!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Ellen F1 by La Petite Morte

Hair: Temptation Waits by Exile

Eyes: Seablue Eyes by Hush Skins

Wrists: Witty Brown by Ducknipple

Top & Bottom: The Shaman Bone Top and Skirt in Forest by Alchemy

Shoulders: The Shaman Bore Tusk Mantle in Brown by Alchemy

Crown: Stag Horn Crown…

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