[OOTD] The Collector 9.23.2015.

Sometimes inspiration comes even at the strangest times.

New from Nova Body Shop at n21 and I<3F at Kinky Monthly!

Hair – [BURLEY]_Jenelle_Platinums [BURLEY]

Skin – [PXL] Aurora PA FOS02 ~ MU01  [PXL]

Eyes – [Buzz] Serenity Eyes – Ocean [Buzz] at n21.

Eyeliner – < nova > Leena Eyeliners [< nova >] New at n21! Thank you!

Knife & Blood – [CX] Butchered Face [CerberusXing]

Barbwire and Blood – {L} Asphyxiation; [{ L o v e f o x }] at the Fantasy Collective.

Cuffs – erratic / scarlett – cuff / black [erratic] at Collabor88.

Dress – [I<3F] Corset with Skirt – Hearts [I<3F] New coming to Kinky Monthly Sept. 25th! Thank you!

Shoes – REIGN.-Kylie Laced Boots- Black [Reign.] at n21.

In misery there’s a profit.
No shortage here this place is Hell.
I clean the mess when the time comes.
With a rubber bag, I’m the collector.


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