[OOTD] Maniac Lover 9.18.2015.

Goats love the fall and so should you!

New from Chemical Princess, Forever Famous, and UrbanStreet!

Hair – Clawtooth: Ruby Starlight Prize 13 [Clawtooth] at the Arcade.

Septum – :FF: Arrow Septum (Gold + Silver) [Forever Famous] New at the Body Mod Expo! Thank you!

Ears – +Half-Deer+ Goat Ears [Black + XX] [+Half-Deer+] at Kustom9.

Horns – +Half-Deer+ Mini Goat Horns [Striped] [+Half-Deer+] at Kustom9.

Lipstick – DAZED. – Lyric Lips Scarlet Set RARE [DAZED.] at Cosmetics Fair.

Eye Makeup – NOX. Restless [Tattoo Layers] [NOX.] at IDK.

Necklace – DAZED. – Everly Collar [DAZED.] at IDK.

Tattoo – **UrbanStreet** The Cross Tattoo [UrbanStreet] New for the Autumn Effect Hunt! Ty!

Dress – neve top – breeze neutral [neve]

Shoes – Chemical Princess {Bound Heels Black} [Chemical Princess] New thank you!!

Drivin’ down the street in my long black Cadillac.
Gotta find that girl before I get a heart attack.
See you standin’ there lookin’ for someone to hold.
So I invite you inside, because outside it’s too cold.


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