[OOTD] Dark Lord Funk 7.12.2015.

Wingardium Leviosaaaaa! My dear lord who’s name we shall not name.

I love me some Hogwarts in action! So very much.

Some goodies from Forever Famous and more at the Wizarding Faire!

Hair – +Spellbound+ Wednesday // Chapter I : Earth [+Spellbound+] at Wizarding Faire.

Skin – [PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2 [Pink Fuel]

Necklace – :FF: Elder Necklace Box (Slytherin) [:Forever Famous:] New at Wizarding Faire! Ty!

Wand – [KRAVE/Strike it] Fantasy Wand Bagged Nockturn Grey [Krave/Strike It] at Wizarding Faire.

Books – 5 -STRIKE IT- On Transfiguration Book Series [Strike It] at Wizarding Faire.

Dress – !TLB – House Pride Dress/Snake [the Little Bat] at Wizarding Faire.

We takin Diagon, Nocturn, Hogsmede, Anywhere!
If we show up, we gon’ curse out, badder than that Devil’s Snare.


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