[OOTD] Up In Flames 3.16.2015.

Oh you know the feeling, fierce.

Hair base – Unorthodox Tape Up Hilton [Unorthodox]

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Alice // Dark Blue Eye [{S0NG}] at Kustom9.

Top – .::Dead Dollz::. Abandon Scarf – Grey [.::Dead Dollz::.] at Secret Affair.

Pants – .::Dead Dollz::. Abandon Pants – Brown [.::Dead Dollz::.] at Secret Affair.

Boots – RO – Last Stand – BOOTS MOD1 bag – RARE [Remarkable Oblivion] at the Arcade.

Tattoo – Space Mermaid – Big Bad Wolf GG. [Space Mermaid]

Piercing – .random.Matter. – Taint Septum – Silver (Rust) [.random.Matter.]

Holsters – Obscure Assassins Holster Silver-Knife [Obscure] at LOTI.


You don’t have to dance with me, you don’t have to dance at all.
You can just lie there looking good, or you can play by yourself.


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