[OOTD] Save Me 3.11.2015.

Sometimes it feels like nothing could make you glow.

Newness from Lithium and princessy things!

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Bexley –  light blondes [Truth]

Skin – Essences [Alice] pale02 [Essences]

Dress – :Moon Amore: Aurelia (Mint) [:Moon Amore:] at One Word.

Shoes – Lithium. \ Tiptoe’s [Bloo Spot] [Lithium.] New! At Luck of the Irish!

Unicorn – (Rainbow) Uni-ee! Mesh Plush Unicorn [~silentsparrow~]

Pipe – *N*GLASS KISERU SHEEP 2 BLUE [*N*] at Luck of the Irish.

Even when I fall will you still believe.
Even when I’m lost will you still believe.
Now I don’t have much, will you save me.
But I’ll give it all, will you save me


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