[OOTD] She is Beautiful 7.23.2014.

Why are there so many cute things this month? Because there are amazing creators!

New sexiness from Mute at Body Boudoir! Stunning hair from Ploom at My Attic!

Cute accessories from Buttery Toast at Black Dot on the 25th!

Hair – .ploom. Samantha – [.ploom.] New at My Attic! Thank you so much!

Skin – Essences {Galadriel} Pale02 [Essences] at Seasons Story.

Eyes – [Brixley] Gemini Eyes – gray [Brixley] at Gacha Mania.

Eyeshadow – TGM:Deesses Skins: Beyonce inspired – WDYLM eyeshadow [Deesses] at Gacha Mania.

Choker and Cuffs – The Rule of Cute – Choker/cuff set – Black [.:Buttery Toast:.] New, at Black Dot coming soon!! Tysm!

Bodysuit – Mute. Sliver Body – Pink [Mute.] New at Body Bouidoir! Tysm!

Bows – -UtopiaH- Creepy Bowy Pastels Pack [ULTRA RARE] [-UtopiaH-] at Gacha Mania.

Stockings – -UtopiaH- Creepy Stockings [Raven Common] [-UtopiaH-] at Gacha Mania.

Shoes – FLite. Masters BubbleGum [FLite.] at Project Limited.

Kodama aka Frank – [geek.] Kodama Gachas Pak  Just Happy White Common [geek.] at Gacha Mania.

And though I never know you
I look at your face.
To tell you that I love you
Don’t know what to say
You’re everything I got, you beautiful girl
The only thing I live for in the whole wide world


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