[OOTD] You may not pass 4.5.2014.

I know, I know!

I did a Sailor Moon post yesterday!

But, I can’t help it the wares at Cutie Moon Fair are so awesome!

Plus, Buttery Toast made these adorable

I even stole a Teecake to be the Mercury to my Pluto! ❤

Hair – +Spellbound+ MoonSugar [+Spellbound+] New!

Ears – *Epic VIP* Mesh Kawaii Bowie Neko Ears!

Piercings – :HV: Smug [Frost/Oil] [:Hebenon Vial:]

Ring – Candy Crunchers – Sailor moon Ring Gift [Candy Crunchers] Gifty!

Dress – Violent Seduction – Eternal Uniforms (Pluto) [Violent Seduction] at Cutie Moon Fair!

Tail – {Yummy Risu~ Liquorice} Tail [.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..] at We ❤ RP!

Stockings – .:Buttery Toast:. – Pluto Socks [.:Buttery Toast:.] New thank you ❤

Shoes – * VinCue ~ Lolee+Plats – Raven [*Vincue] at the Big Show!

By the way the shoes the lovely Tee is wearing are .tsg. Jellybean Wedgies – for- Slink Medium!

You may not pass beyond this point!

I hold the key to the Fourth Dimension. Guardian of the Underworld, Sailor Pluto!

Those who break the taboo . . . must die.


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