You Can Fly…

Kaori's Closet

Think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings. Take the path that moonbeams make, if the moon is still awake. You’ll see him wink his eye! You can fly, you can fly!
You can fly!

There are times when I feel like tossing on some wings and being cute. I went shopping for the perfect ensemble and my sister did too! We both put a fun spin on the classic fairies. Even Tinkerbell had to learn to fly at some point!  With whimsical outfits from Wishbox, and some amazing accessories from Gossamer Jewelry (at FaMESHed). The pose is from Eternal Dream Poses and it’s just too cute to not try out! Plus how many times do I get to pull my sister off of the tree platform? Never! Many, many thanks to Miss Zombilicious  for posing with me. So with that being said…just think happy thoughts!

Shape: Custom

Skin: Juliette…

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